Ice rink

Christmas in Tartu is an incredibly special time indeed! It is almost as nice as Midsummer’s Day!

The Kissing Students are about to have a very merry Christmas indeed because, from now on, they are going to see even more bustling, dating, giggling, beautiful music and friends and visitors around them right at the heart of Tartu.

The ice rink around the lovers in bronze is nearly 1000 square metres in size and open from the First Sunday of Advent. Now you can skate – which happens to be one of the most romantic and fun form of wintry pastime in the world – under the stars and light chains covering the sky of the most important square in Tartu.

The ice rink of Tartu Town Hall Square operates from the first Advent until end February, i.e. until the longing for spring becomes almost intolerable in February. We hope to see many former and current Michelle Kwans, Anna Levandis and Aleksandr Zaitsevs (we know they a r e out there and waiting for a chance to shine) as well as brave beginners on the ice over these three months. Parents and grandparents are welcome to support beginners on the rink or shout a guiding word from a distance. If it so happens that they find themselves being ignored, they can always head to the ice rink café and treat themselves to a hot drink to calm nerves.

Village of Light comprising the glass pavilions the people of Tartu have grown to love will be making its return to Town Hall Square to offer a cosy outdoor experience for children and adults alike, regardless of the winter weather. Village of Light will be open until the end of the school break, bringing joy to people and offering wintry open-air pastime in its own not overly organized and special way.


The ice rink of Tartu Town Hall Square is open from 29 November to 28 February (inclusive) for its first winter.

We are operating daily from 10 a.m. til 10 p.m.