Rules and code of conduct

  • Using the ice rink is free of charge.
  • You can either use cash or pay by card to rent skates and other equipment in the skate rental pavilion.
  • You will need an identity document to rent skates and other equipment. We recommend using an Estonian ID card to ensure fast service at the pavilion.
  • You may also use your own skates on the rink.
  • Entry to the ice rink is permitted only through the two main staircases.
  • To use the ice rink, you must have the necessary skills and be in good health – know your skating ability and skate within your limits. Parents and accompanying persons are responsible for the heath and skills of children.
  • Children under 7 can visit the rice rink only with an accompanying adult.
  • Children under 7 must wear a helmet on the ice rink.
  • Please remember to be kind and considerate – to do this, skate anticlockwise around the Kissing Students (fountain). Feel free to do some kissing of your own but be careful not to cause or contribute to injury to yourself or others.
  • Please note that ice maintenance will take place at least twice a day as follows and no skating is allowed during ice resurfacing or maintenance: from 2 p.m. til 2.30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. til 6 p.m. Please also note that skate rental will close 45 minutes prior to ice maintenance.
    See the schedule of the resurfacing or maintenance and other information on the ice rink and weather conditions. Unscheduled maintenance work may occur if it is deemed necessary, i.e. based on the usage of the ice rink. Thank you for your understanding if so.
  • Skates can only be used on the special rubber cover or on the ice itself of course.
  • We kindly ask you to limit your skating session to 60 minutes so that everyone can enjoy the ice rink.
    You may skate for longer that 60 minutes provided that the ice rink is not overly crowded. Employees of the skate rental pavilion and other organizers monitoring the electronic counters will always have the last word on the matter of crowdedness.
  • There are lockers on two sides of the ice rink (Küüni and Rüütli streets) where you can put your shoes and boots while you skate.
    Please note: The lockers are unattended and unlocked and ice rink employees are not liable for loss of or damage to personal items.
  • All persons must examine the rules before entering the ice rink and abide by them while using it.
  • PS. Don’t forget to smile! As there is video surveillance on the ice rink and life in general is rather wonderful.


It is prohibited to:

  • Be on the rink without skates;
  • Be on the rink while the ice resurfacing and maintenance machine is in operation;
  • Endanger yourself and others, slow down abruptly, push people around and skate while holding hands with more than one person or while holding objects in your hand;
  • Smoke, litter, make a racket and consume alcohol or narcotic substances or be under their influence;
  • Use skating frames or any rental equipment for purposes other than their intended purpose or damage them and remove ice rink inventory items from the territory;
  • Use short-track skates on the ice rink;
  • Leave children unattended.


Reminder for skaters:

  • You will not be allowed on the ice rink with glass bottles, weapons, pyrotechnical equipment, poisonous substances and other dangerous items and substances.
  • Food, alcohol, and pets (sorry dear dogs, but it is what it is) are not permitted on the ice rink. It is also prohibited to own, use, or sell narcotic or psychotropic substances on the territory of the ice rink.
  • Ice rink employees have the right to deny entry to visitors who fail to follow the rules, are aggressive or display obvious signs of intoxication.
  • Ice rink employees have the right to escort any visitors off the ice rink who:
    disturb public order (e.g. cause physical injury, steal, possess or trade narcotic or psychotropic substances) or whose actions and behaviour disturb other visitors;
    vandalise or own items which organisers have banned from the ice rink territory.


Please note:

  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • In the case of injury and trauma, turn to the emergency department of the Tartu University Hospital or call the emergency number 112.
  • Ice rink employees are not liable for potential injuries and traumas suffered by visitors or the loss of or damage to personal items while using the ice rink.